East African Organic Conference, Unleashing the Potential of Organic Agriculture

Dar es Salaam, United Republic of Tanzania, 28 May 2007

The conference aimed to mobilize support for organic agriculture in East Africa by sensitizing decision makers, development cooperation partners, and the public about the potential of organic agriculture as a market and sustainable development opportunity. It also provided a platform for dialogue on the findings of studies and country projects undertaken in the region and for the development of an action plan to take the organic agenda forward. The conference also launched the East African organic products standard and the associated East African Organic Mark. The Conference was a manifestation of global partnership for promotion of organic agriculture in the region.

It was jointly organized by the:
- UNEP-UNCTAD Capacity Building Task Force on Trade, Environment and Development (CBTF), a joint initiative of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) and the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)
- International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM)
- Tanzania Organic Agriculture Movement (TOAM), and
- Export Promotion of Organic Products from Africa (EPOPA)

In cooperation with:
- Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Cooperatives, United Republic of Tanzania
- Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), and
- International Trade Centre (UNCTAD/WTO)

The conference was supported by:
- The European Union, and
- Sida


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Documents and Presentations

  Title Author File    
  Agenda 28-29 May Secretariat  
  Agenda 30-31 May Secretariat  
  Brochure Secretariat  
  Registration Form Secretariat  
  Logistics Note Secretariat  
  East African organic products standard Secretariat  
  Capacity Building Study 3: Organic Agriculture and Food Security in East Africa Rachel Hine and Jules Pretty  
  Workshop Proceedings Report Secretariat  
  May 28 .  
  A Consumer Survey of Attitudes and Preferences Towards Organic Foods Samuel K. Ndungu, KOAN  
  Organic Markets in Africa Gunnar Rundgren, IFOAM  
  Local Organic marketing in Uganda Moses. K. Muwanga, NOGAMU  
  UCHUMI supermarkets Peter Nderu, UCHUMI  
  Bonde la Chemchem Sabuko in Siha Kilimanjaro. Ng'maryo  
  Parallel A .  
  The relationships among quality assurance systems Mattsson, Grolink  
  Internal Control System (ICS) Ray Mjunguli, Agro Eco Tz  
  ICS Experience for Smallholder Farmer Groups Gabriel Lyatuu, KNCU  
  Certification: how it works in reality Leonard Mtama, TanCert  
  Parallel B .  
  Contract Farming - A framework to link smallholder farmers to markets Edmond Ringo, Matchmakers  
  Facilitating Small-holder Farmers to Access Markets Case Study, Kenya KOAN  
  Organizing smallholder supply chains for Allanblackia markets FAIDA  
  Organising Smallholder Supply Chain For Local Markets Ministry of Agriculture, Tanzania  
  Panel presentations .  
  The East African organic product standard- EAS 456:2007 Process of development Msaki, Tanzania Bureau of Standards  
  East African Community Standardisation Process Manyindo, Uganda National Bureau of Standards  
  The East African organic product standard- EAS 456:2007 Use and content Kiarii, KOAN  
  Organic Agricultural Development In Uganda Opolot, Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries  
  Organic Production in Rwanda Kalibata, Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources  
  Kenya Organic Agriculture Paper .  
  Organic Agricultural Development In Uganda Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries  
  May 29 .  
  Launching of the East African Organic Standard and Mark .  
  Household Food Security Effects of Organic Export Production a gendered analysis Danish Institute for International Studies  
  Global Market Trends for Organic Products Kasterine, International Trade Centre  
  International Organic Outlook Caudle. IFOAM  
  Summary of the International Conference on Organic Agriculture (OA) and Food Security Bouagnimbeck, IFOAM  
  Organic Agriculture and Food Security in East Africa Hine and Pretty, University of Essex  
  Export Promotion of Organic Products from Africa EPOPA  
  What is in the East African organic product standard? Sana  
  Organic Production in Rwanda Kalibata, Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources  
  May 30 .  
  United States African Development Foundation Fields, USADF  
  Organic in African in COMESA Miti  
  Progress on Organic Agriculture in Kenya Amatha, Ministry of Agriculture  
  The Role Of EAC And Bureaus Of Standards In Standardization Of OA East African Community Secretariat  
  Integrated Assessment of Uganda’s Organic Agriculture Sub-Sector Potential Growth Scenarios, Impacts and Policy Response Options .  
  Humanist Institute for Development Cooperation Hivos  
  From Integrated Assessment to Integrated Policy Making Naqvi, Secretariat  
  IFAD and Organic Agriculture Juma, IFAD  
  Kenya Country Report Kenyan Stakeholders  
  Process and Recommendations of IAP - Kenya Oyare, Bridge Africa  
  Organising Smallholder Supply Chain For Local Markets Mwasha, Ministry of Agriculture Food Security and Cooperatives  
  Organic Agriculture in Sudan Adam, Ministry of Agriculture and Forests  
  Implementing Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme (CAADP) Mwape AU/NEPAD/FAO  
  Organic agriculture in Uganda Dinah, Ministry of Agriculture animal Industries & Fisheries  
  The Tanzania Integrated Assessment Shechambo, Envirocare  
  Organic Agriculture in Sudan .  
  SWOT Analysis Of Organic Agriculture In Other African Countries Group 4  
  Moving the Organic Agenda Ahead in Ghana Monney, Ministry of Food and Agriculture  
  May 31 .  
  Improving Market Access For Drylands Commodities Drylands Development Centre  
  Implementation Plan for Kenya .  
  ITC Technical Assistance in the Organics Sector ITC  
  Scaling up Organic Agriculture Production and Trade Recommendations .  
  Perspectives on Organic Agriculture Development in Uganda Muwanga  
  Development Options for the Emerging Organic Sectors Boor, IFOAM  
  Co-operating in partnership for strengthening organic agriculture and reducing poverty Aigelsperger  


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